Danziger wins two gold medals awards in the “Novelty of the Year” competition held the Flowers EXPO Russia 2019 exhibition.

The first award was given for the breeding of “INZIGNIA CLOUD”, a new Gypsophila variety with small “cushion-like” flowers, voluminous and impressive appealing, long vase life; high yield and heavy, strong stems.

INZIGNIA CLOUD, a new Gypsophila variety from Danziger.

INZIGNIA CLOUD, a new Gypsophila variety from Danziger.

This variety was introduced to the market through an exclusive and creative collaboration between Danziger and leading Gypsophila growers from Ecuador who chose the name “INZIGNIA” as the group name.

All group members were selected by their high-quality production of Gypsophila, representing a joint venture of four growers: Florsani, Florequisa, MuchFlowers and Malima. The brand “INZIGNIA CLOUD” will be supported by Danziger and INZIGNIA group, and was presented at the competition by MuchFlowers.

The other gold medal award was given for the breeding of the “Queen of HeartsPetunia (see image at top), a rising star in the Petunia market and the best seller of the well-known AMORE series. This variety is a true love story with its unique heart shape pattern, early flowering, mounded habit and a one-of-a-kind retail story that makes it a lot more than just another beautiful Petunia in a pot.

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