House plants are popular among some owners due to the mental and reported health benefits it bring to the inhabitants of the home.

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Plant Delivery: Can Flowers and Small Trees Improve Our Health?

By Louise Franco Aug 29, 2023 07:04 PM EDT

Plant delivery is a service that has become popular especially in some urban areas worldwide in recent years. House plants are popular among some owners due to the mental and reported health benefits it bring to the inhabitants of the home.

During the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020, the delivery of these plants has further increased in popularity, mainly due to the stay-at-home orders imposed by governments in many countries.

House plants have become a trend amid urbanization, as some human population centers have concentrated on cities and developing towns, away from the once-traditional habitats in the province, where forest lands are common.

Aside from merely being a display, there have been anecdotal accounts and scientific research leaning towards the idea that natural plants at home can provide a myriad of treatments, even against diseases.

Plant Delivery Services

Who would have thought that you could receive a plant of choice at your doorstep in just one call or online transaction, thanks to plant delivery services? Ranging from flowers to small trees, house plants have added to the interior beauty of a home, as well as providing a conducive environment to live or work in.

In terms of the global houseplant market, the Data Bridge Market Research reported that the indoor plants market was valued at USD 17.93 billion in 2021 and it is expected to increase by USD 26.23 billion by the year 2029.

Currently, most businesses engaging in plant delivery services ensure that they provide fresh, real plants since they are preferred to artificial plants made of plastic. During the 2020 lockdown restrictions, the so-called “pandemic plant parents” have stormed social media with an abundance of flora in their homes.

Aside from health reasons, buying from plant delivery services were also reportedly driven by the need to have a sense of fulfillment, consumed time, and show people one’s nurturing attitude towards plants.

House Plant Health Benefits

While nature such as forests, mountains, and bodies of water make us feel better, there is in fact a science behind it, according to experts.

Based on a compiled, cited studies by Healthline, indoor plants can provide the following health-boosting effects such as:

  •  Reduce stress levels
  •  Sharpens one’s attention
  •  Therapeutic effects
  •  Recover faster from illness
  •  Boost productivity
  •  Improve work

While both ancient and modern medicinal plants have been used to cure various diseases, the biological mechanisms behind the claimed healing effects of their presence remain not fully understood.

Based on a 1998 NASA study, house plants can help improve air in their surrounding environments by removing cancer-causing chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene airborne particles, as cited by Piedmont Healthcare. The said organization also cited research that people spend 85% of their lives indoors, adding that indoor plants are an easy way to bring nature into one’s home.