The festival of Diwali brings to our minds several positive ideas like light, prosperity, wealth, abundance, growth, development, triumph and happiness. Diwali holds a lot of significance for businesses since the essence of Diwali is to honor Goddess Lakshmi, the fountain head of prosperity and seek her blessings to move the business towards success. Here is how your business can celebrate Diwali. Clean your premises Cleaning is the most important activity preceding Diwali celebrations. Start well in advance and clean your entire premises and bring in a new look to your business place. Sprinkle the holy waters of Ganga as a symbolic mark of purification. Set up the puja altar Choose a prime place for performing the in your office, shop or workshop. The most common practice is to spread a red color cotton cloth on a table or platform and place a handful of grains at the center. Install the Kalash Set up a Kalash (holy pot), which is a sacred symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity in Indian culture. Preferably, choose a silver or bronze pot, clean it and place it on the grains in the puja altar you have set up. Fill three fourths of the pot with clean water and drop a betel nut, coin, raisins, clove, and a flower inside the pot. Place a bunch of mango leaves on the mouth of the pot in a circular fashion and place a coconut over it. Invite Ganesh and Lakshmi for the puja To the south-west of the Kalash, place the idols of Lakshmi and Ganesh. In front of the whole set up, place a good looking plate, spread rice gains over it and draw some floral designs in it in turmeric powder. Place some coins on the rice. Arrange your account books and office materials Place […]

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