Elevate Your 4th of July Gathering with these Patriotic Varieties!

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While our first instinct may be to create patriotic ambience with a bouquet of red, white, and blue carnations, there are actually many gorgeous flowers with meaningful patriotic symbolism. So we tapped Courtney Sixx, founder and co-designer of Bouquet Box, and Denise Porcaro Tupper, founder of Flower Girl, to get the scoop on which flowers are the most patriotic.

Red Rose

Most of the blooms on our list are nontraditional, but if you want to go classic, it doesn’t get more quintessential than the red rose. “The red rose represents love, devotion, beauty, and eternity,” explains Tupper. “And actually, the rose was declared our national flower in 1986 during a special ceremony at the White House rose garden.” 



“Flowy and colorful, freesias are a symbol of freedom, making them perfect for the Fourth of July,” says Sixx. “For an extra creative gesture, use them to create flower crowns to hand out to guests when they arrive,” she suggests. Guests can keep them as a party favor, and it’s a great alternative to your typical tablescape.



Not only is the edelweiss a symbol of strength and courage, but they look like the stars on the American flag. “The star-shape of the white edelweiss is ideal for July Fourth,” says Sixx. “Combine them with greenery, roses, tulips, or peonies. Or tie a bunch off with a trailing ribbon for a ‘bright stars through the perilous fight’ effect.”


When we look back on this year, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but Independence Day is all about hope. “Snowdrops represent hope and rebirth,” explains Tupper. “And as we work towards equality and unity as a country, this flower is especially significant for 2021.”


Guernsey Lily

Guernsey lilies are a perfect choice for the holiday, because they symbolize freedom and good fortune. Plus, they look like literal fireworks. “The spindly Guernsey lily is reminiscent of a firework display,” says Sixx. “And they are available in a variety of vibrant colors that span the spectrum.”

Black-Eyed Susan

“The starburst-shape of black-eyed Susans make them festive for summer parties, and they represent justice, which is fitting for Independence Day,” says Sixx. Black-eyed Susans are also a symbol of motivation and encouragement because of their adaptability. “Mix them with dahlias and large sunflowers for a dreamy floral arrangement,” she suggests.



The acacia represents renewal, balance, harmony, respect, and kindness. “Showing kindness and respect is the most patriotic we can be right now,” says Tupper. “We need to show it through our actions, of course, but displaying these values through flowers also sends an important message.”

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