In these changing times, we hope that fall and winter weddings will become as popular as the spring and summer seasons. All too often, half of the year is overlooked, and, yet, each season can bring its own special quality and appeal. So we have gathered some inspiration, with the help of David Austin Wedding Roses, to extend the wedding season.

The Fall Light

The element of light is part of the beauty of a fall or winter wedding. There is something quite magical about autumn sunlight. The sun is at its lowest elevation, creating our gilded season and casting a natural softness and ethereal quality across the landscape.

The David Austin Wedding Roses team took advantage of the September light, when they filmed An English Country Wedding ( And, wow, did the roses respond! The natural light showcased their glorious colors and subtle tints, tones and shades, accentuated through the translucency of their many petals.

In this feature, we demonstrate that autumn weddings do not have to be filled with dark, muted hues, but, instead, soft colors can take on a new dimension in the autumn sunlight. The ivory David Austin wedding rose, ‘Leonora’ (Auswagsy), a.k.a. ‘Ella’, took the lead in the bridal bouquet while a combination of pinks and golds— courtesy of ‘Constance’ (Austruss), ‘Keira’ (Ausboxer) and ‘Edith’ (Auspluto)—delivered a pretty pastel theme, which captured the rhythm of the season perfectly.

Trending Colors

With a chameleon-like quality, the David Austin rose ‘Edith’ (Auspluto) can move through the seasons, making an impression wherever she goes. She is perfect for the high days of summer, with her inner golden glow of yellows and apricots combined with a halo of outer pink petals in tones of dusky pink. But when autumn arrives, she takes on a new personality and will illuminate any room and arrangement in which she resides.

‘Edith’s color is bang on trend with the fashion runway and interiors, as turmeric, coral and Aspen gold lead the way. ‘Edith’ is particularly surprising in how she adapts to a multitude of color palettes, including pastel blues and baby pinks as well as, more predictably, with ochers, mustards and rusty reds. ‘Edith’ is certainly the trailblazer for fashion’s warmer hues and for brides who want to be different.

Nature’s seasons bring so much inspiration, beauty and excitement to floral styling, and we hope brides of the future consider every season in equal measure so that we can all spread the joy of these occasions throughout the year.

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