As promised in my YouTube LIVE Tutorial this past weekend, here is a Video Tutorial on the Midollino Wire Vine Structure!! And if you haven’t seen Sunday’s YouTube LIVE Demo, watch the Full Replay here –

…and if you want to learn more about Midollino sticks or where to get them, make sure to view the product page on the Oasis Floral Website –

As I continue to explore ways to flower garden designs effectively, I’m compelled to move to a less dense and more transparent look with vining as the linear components. This creates an exciting visual flow through the exuberant growing vine tip.

In order to create this Open Form design which illustrates a very organic and natural look, I use what I like to call the Midollino Wire Vine as a support tool to embellish and showcase the power of growth.

This mechanic really allows you to Flower any gorgeous garden design with the feel that it’s still growing!!

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