Fall Filigree

Fall Filigree

“A thoughtfully chosen photo frame becomes a distinctive ready-made collar for a seasonal bridal bouquet” 

Creating amazing armatures and bouquet collars is standard practice among contemporary floral artists today. In addition to being functional, these structures can lend a signature element to the designers’ compositions. Often, however, they can be labor intensive to create – so much so that their cost isn’t affordable or justifiable (if the floral designer adequately charges for his or her time and materials!).

Looking for innovative ready-made alternatives, Arthur Williams, AIFD, EMC, CPF, ventured into a local craft store. Viewing common items in a different light, he found several adaptable options, including the very affordable ($6) laser-cut “filigree”-patterned photo frame he incorporated into this bouquet. With the addition of a few taped wires, Arthur transformed the romantically ornate wood frame into a unique, custom bouquet collar, which could be further customized with wood stain or paint. The photo frame can be repurposed after the wedding by the bride to display a favorite wedding photo.

To create harmony and unity between the collar and the bouquet, Arthur added three multi-petaled wood flowers into the design which, with the resurgence in popularity of dried and preserved botanicals, are very on-trend and perfect for autumn weddings!

In addition, Arthur chose a soft neutral color palette to evoke the feeling of late fall or early winter, and he selected the botanicals for their textural qualities, to elicit thoughts of comfy sweaters and a seasonal woodsiness.

Step 1

Tape three or four lengths of taped 18-gauge wire with green or light green stem wrap, and then wrap brown paper-covered wire around one end (approximately 2 inches) of each of the pieces of taped wire. This will help camouflage that section of each wire when you attach them to the wood frame.

Step 2

Attach the lengths of taped wire to the wood frame, equidistantly spaced, by twisting the paper-covered-wire ends tightly around the inner edge of the frame. This will create a support structure (“handle”) for the frame with which it can be secured to the bouquet.

Step 3

Create the bouquet using the spiral hand-tied technique, arranging the stems through the opening in the photo frame collar.

Step 4

Wrap the binding point of the stems with your preferred material (waterproof tape, raffia, covered wire, cable tie, etc.), and then camouflage that wrapping with a coordinating ribbon of your choice.

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