Farmgirl Flowers’ Christina Stembel Speaks Out on How the PPP Failed Us

Farmgirl Flowers’ Christina Stembel Speaks Out on How the PPP Failed Us
Christina Stembel

Christina Stembel

We’re living in a time where small businesses all around us are permanently closing because they can’t shoulder the financial burden of a sudden—and extended—closure. It’s important to do whatever we can to keep our families, employees, customers, and ourselves safe and healthy, and also the economic squeeze is being felt far and wide.

In times like these, assistance from our government can mean life or death for a business and with the enactment of the Paycheck Protection Plan, there was a small glimmer of hope for companies like us. We, along with many other small, unfunded businesses, had the possibility of receiving funds that may have allow us to stay open in a way that looked a lot more like we did prior to the shelter-in-place, but unfortunately—more like infuriatingly—we didn’t get to see any of the funds that were meant for small businesses like us. Why? For several reasons, one of which is that large corporations and companies (many funded) who didn’t need the money and who’s businesses were not financially negatively impacted, gobbled up a large portion of the coffers, leaving us—and many other small businesses—wondering how the system could be so broken and what we should do next.

Christina Stembel, founder and CEO of FarmGirl Flowers, has a lot to say about this as well as what it means for Farmgirl right now. For the full story, click the video link above to watch her latest video update.

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