Maurice Harris designed a stunning floral arrangement woven between the coils of visual artist and curator Yvonne Osei’s afro Saturday for “Don’t Touch My Hair: A Talk and Demonstration” at Saint Louis Art Museum. “I think our hair is one of the most special beautiful things that we have – that we are shamed by and often told that it isn’t enough,” artist and floral designer Maurice Harris said Saturday morning in the auditorium of the Saint Louis Art Museum. With his own mane of short locs unapologetically sprouting towards the sky, he presented “Don’t Touch My Hair: A Talk and Demonstration” as part of the Saint Louis Art Museum’s 16 th Annual Art in Bloom programming. The enormously popular annual weekend incorporates floral designs inspired by the museum’s collection. Harris’ contribution would be live action. “I think it’s our crown,” Harris said. “I think it’s our royalty and I think that it’s one aspect of what makes us beautiful.” 300×250 image ad As a culmination of his talk, he invited St. Louis based artist Yvonne Osei on stage, where he designed a floral hair arrangement that perfectly complimented her chocolate skin and neon pink dress. “Oh, this is going to be so good,” Harris said as he started strategically placing the flowers in Osei’s afro. He began his talk with a candid introduction to who he is as a person and as an artist and what led him down the path of being a creative. Harris isn’t quite a household name yet, but he’s on the way. His clientele includes some of the biggest names in entertainment. He was featured in a visually stunning Microsoft Surface commercial and has two television shows in production. “Can you believe someone gave me a show?” Harris said, knowing full well his […]