Buckle up for an awe-inspiring journey into the world of floristry, local farming, and community support. We promise you’ll find yourself entranced as we uncover the unique ways small farmers have adapted and thrived in these challenging times, while also fueling a revival in gardening and flowers

Join co-hosts Jules Lewis Gibson and Nita Robertson, AIFD, who are all set to spill the beans on the exciting expansion of Flora Magazine. Our discussion with Camron King, CEO and ambassador of Certified American Grown, unveils the immense efforts made to enhance the bond between American farmers and florists.

The stage then shifts to the vibrant city of San Diego, where Meg Blancato, co-owner of Native Poppy, shares her incredible journey — from the inception of the flower shop to establishing three locations in the area. But what sets Native Poppy apart? Well, their unique stem bar and art installations provide an immersive and captivating experience that educates customers about different flora. Meg’s insightful narrative about how social media and their innovative services, including flower subscriptions and dog treats, have engaged and retained customers will fascinate you.

But that’s not all! We’ll also plunge into the intriguing realm of micro-farming and how Native Poppy’s lead flower farmer, Margaret, has revolutionized their business with sustainable and pesticide-free farming practices. Hold your breath as we reveal how the humble dried flower has bloomed into a thriving business that ships nationwide. We’ll wrap up this inspiring episode with the tale of Native Poppy’s limited edition seasonal wraps and their heartfelt initiative to support the LGBTQ community in San Diego. So, are you ready to be infused with a fresh perspective on floristry and local farming? Let’s get started!

 Meet our Guests: 

Native Poppy is a woman-owned flower shop that delivers flower arrangements, bouquets, and gifts all over sunny San Diego. Floral designer Natalie Gill launched Native Poppy in 2015. Meg Blancato became a co-owner in 2018, having worked at the first Native Poppy store since opening day. After working every possible job at our shop, from sweeping the shop as a floral assistant to installing epic event florals, Meg has become the embodiment of the Native Poppy brand – that’s Meg responding to your Instagram DMs, leading our brand photoshoots, and planning product launches!

 Camron King

Certified American Grown (CAG) is a non-profit organization started in 2021 that was originally launched in 2015 as a marketing brand. Now as an independent national trade association, it represents a unified and diverse community of American cut flower, cut foliage and potted plant farmers from the United States. From multi-generational to new & up-and-coming, to micro-farms to large volume, our farms range from many types of groups – all working to keep floral, foliage and plants locally grown! Our farms grow classic varieties to the unique & trendworthy.







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