Flowers shops, not to be confused with florists are as you might have guessed, just shops that sell flowers whereas florists work with flowers to produce displays for weddings, funerals and other events.

When planning a large event like a wedding, its probably better you use a florist and let them arrange the flowers and produce lovely displays, they already have access to the flowers a lot of the time and are a professional however, they can often be pricey and when planning a wedding the costs can add up very quickly. So if for whatever reason you decide you don’t want a florist for your wedding, you might opt to create some displays yourself or just place flowers throughout your venue. If you do, the best place for you to visit would be a flower shop and browse through their selections and pick your own. It’s for this reason some might opt to do their own flower arranging as the may have a green thumb already and perhaps they’ve tried florists but they’re just not satisfied with their options and take matters into their own hands, after all you want your big day to be perfect so why settle for florists that can’t execute your ideas?

Within flower shops , there are oftentimes florists as a lot either own or work within a flower shop themselves. If this is the case for your local or chosen florist then it might be a good idea to ask them some questions about doing your own display and ask for opinions on the best flowers to use or any other useful tips.

Flower shops are useful for many other reasons too, they allow people and gardeners to create wonderful flower beds or pots without having to grow their own. You can visit a flower shop and walk away with a flower that would’ve taken weeks or months to bloom and grow but you’ve got yours within minutes. Gardening is a great hobby and a serene escape for a lot of people.

Probably the main reason flower shops are used is when looking for a gift or to pay respects for certain occasions. Flower shops are the home to many different varieties of flowers, people go into and look for roses when buying a present for their valentine or just some nice looking flowers for a birthday or some lilies to pay respects at a funeral.

In recent times there has been an online boom for flower shops with many large companies getting involved and having their slice on the cake. Online flower shops are amazing for getting flowers delivered, maybe you don’t have time or can’t make it out to a flower shop or you don’t have one local to you. Even better, your looking for a gift and you’ve decided on flowers but you have to go out and buy them flowers and then drop them off and the chosen recipient, here’s where online flower shops really show why their so popular, you can buy […]