By Tonneli Grüetter

Holiday season 2022 is nearly here, and much like the seismic shifts we have seen in fashion this year, such as the ousting of skinny jeans, we are expecting a big refresh in the category of holiday décor. Try these four trends to delight your customers.


As demonstrated the queen of holiday décor herself, Houston, Texas-based designer Regina Gust, this trend is about standing out from the crowd. For the bold of heart, we recommend adapting the traditional holiday palette of red and gold into something a bit more playful. Try enhancing dominant glossy reds with a splashy turquoise blue, citrus yellows and supporting accents of gold. If your client is a traveler, this look provides an excellent opportunity to incorporate nods to international influences such as Central American Agave plants or Asian elephant motifs, for example.

Regina Gust Designs Photo by Tonja Cunningham
Regina Gust photo by Tonja Cunningham

Gilded Graphics

In this look, displayed fabulously interpreted by U.K.-based florist David Lawson, holiday celebrations will be brought alive using high contrasting black-and-white hard goods such as ornaments, votives and tableware anchored by an equal measure sophisticated greenery, white lights and gold luster. It is essential to the look that you first lay the groundwork of a well-formed natural looking display, including illuminations for that extra sparkle, before enhancing with the contemporary pizzazz on black-and-white stripes, checks and other patterns. Finally, supplement with bold gold balls, ribbons and packages. 

David Lawson Design
David Lawson Design
David Lawson Design

Naturally Together

In an embrace of the coziness of shorter days and time spent indoors together, this look is all about celebrating the natural bounty of wintertime in an exaggerated way. Displayed here by U.K.-based designers Sam & Jenny, we see an impressive crescent of evergreens, dried foliages and textural seed pods atop the mantelpiece. To unlock this aesthetic, understand that more is more. Lean into using a variety of greenery and putting in the time to assemble truly custom looks. Winterberries, pine cones, dried citrus slices and kraft-paper wrappings are all welcome additions. 

Sam and Jenny photo by Sam Davies
Naturally Together Sam and jenny photo by sam davies
Sam and Jenny photo by Sam Davies

Clearly Celebrated

Perfect for the recovering minimalist, this holiday trend is about keeping it simple yet elegant. Pay ode to handmade sophistication by adorning lit evergreen garlands with earth-toned glass embellishments. For maximum sophistication, Regina Gust incorporates the delicate quality of hand-blown transparent glass. For an extra touch of luxe, replace traditional poinsettia plants with live potted orchids.

Regina Gust Design Photo by Ivana Petrovic
Regina Gust Designs Photo by Ivana Petrovic
Regina Gust Photo by Tonja Cunningham
Design by Regina Gust Photo by Roberto and Jake professional photo