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There you’ll find multiple images of all 3 bouquets, along with additional insight and a list of plant material and supplies used!


In today’s Tutorial, I show how I made the Handwoven Midollino Bindwire Strips, as well as how I shaped those strips into the structure which became the starting point for my ‘Inviting Handmade Details’ Bouquet in this month’s ‘Fresh from the Farms into Cascading Bouquets’ Article.

The flattering blending of these handwoven strips of Midollino & Bindwire create the initial structure for flowering. It’s an exciting technique that I’m looking forward to exploring much more!

– If you missed this month’s September 2020 Creative Edge Overview video, watch it today at https://youtu.be/K7qP1a9vAIQ

– And if you missed my September 2020 Creative Edge ‘Techniques’ Tutorial, where I showed how to use Fruiting Branches in your Bouquet Structure Building, you watch it via the follow link as well – https://youtu.be/zrMta_WxV5s

Also, here are tutorials for mechanics and/or components that were mentioned in today’s tutorial as well

Chicken Wire Pillow – https://youtu.be/5nM66_k20lA
Midollino Extender – https://youtu.be/5Zk0zw2_uzQ

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