If you’re thinking of making your own Christmas wreath at home, follow these florist-approved tips to make it truly magical. Christmas is here and we couldn’t be feeling more festive. Between the winter terraces and Christmas pop-ups that we’ve spending our evenings visiting, we’re also pretty darn excited about the idea of crafting our own wrapping and decorations , including making a Christmas wreath. It’s the ultimate mark of festivity. It signals to your neighbours that you’re about as excited as Ms Claus for this time of year and puts a smile on your face every time you arrive home. And it’s also really fun to make. Grab your bestie and a bottle of red (which can be cooked up into a mulled wine storm ) and plan an evening of wreath making to get into the seasonal spirit. Make sure, though, that you heed these top tips from London florist Lavender Green , who we quizzed to find out what simple touches can take your wreath to the next level. From adding some fragrance to your wreath to incorporating your personality, this expert advice will help you take your wreath to the next level. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if your neighbours ask you to make one for them. Create texture No one wants a flat wreath. In fact, we’re very much part of the ‘more is more’ school of thought. Ensure your wreath is full and plumped up by creating texture with a mixture of materials, especially those in different colours and thicknesses. Experts advise gathering a selection of camelia and Christmas pines, with berried ivy and holly for a well-rounded wreath. Think about your ribbon What’s in a ribbon, we hear you ask? Well, actually, quite a lot. First of all, you’ll want to identify […]