A simple, pretty, black-and-white photo, sepia almost, of Jenny Thomasson, AIFD, PFCI, EMC, creating a floral design on Instagram led to much more than the close to the 150 likes it got. In fact, the photo landed Thomasson, a floral designer and educator based in St. Louis, Mo., an opportunity to write for a prominent industry publication that had seen the post and reached out for her viewpoint. A second post of a stunning floral design scored her an opportunity to talk about design appreciation. “These two posts were fantastic in a way of interactive conversations,” she says. “[Being] unapologetically me all the time keeps my opinions fresh and relevant with my community.” That’s just one of the ways Thomasson has found success with Instagram, which she’s been using since 2014. “I focus on positive messages, flowers, places and interesting design with loads of color,” she says. “It’s a fun and vibrant aesthetic with encouragement to love the amazing person you are — and wicked creative too!”

NOTE: This summer, Thomasson will once again grace the Main Stage at the American Institute of Floral Designers’ (AIFD) 2020 Symposium “Vision” in Chicago (July 2-7), presenting a program “Rooted UneARThed.” Register to attend at aifd.org/ 2020-symposium-vision, and meet Thomasson and see her visionary floral designs firsthand.

who Jenny Thomasson, AIFD, PFCI, EMC, a special-event florist and floral artist in St. Louis, Mo., and owner of Jenny T Floristry

why we like it Part floral design showcase, part personal inspiration bulletin board, Thomasson’s presence on Instagram is a colorful and poignant mix of all that makes floristry fabulous.

who’s behind it? Like many florists and artists, Thomasson is the force behind the curtain at her Instagram account. She takes the photos, writes the captions and puts up all the posts. “Unapologetically and authentically me in every step, in every way.”

the why factor “Instagram keeps my finger on the pulse of trends with the current culture and is a great networking opportunity for my industry.”

what’s the frequency? Thomasson tries to post every day, but that’s not always possible. “Some weeks are better than others, and at times, life gets in the way, and that’s OK. I try for every day, if I can, and I utilize the option of posting both on Instagram and Facebook at the same time with the same post.”

posts with the most “Posts that have people in them tend to get me the most likes, and interesting design posts receive the most comments. Most interactions consist of those two, but personal messages have been picking up, with companies and enthusiasts reaching out.”

tips to try “Be real. Your audience can tell when you are au- thentic. And be consistent. Liven up your thread from time to time, and let people get the chance to see who you are, your voice, your style and your willingness to step outside of the norm. Go for it! You’re amazing, and I believe in you.

see for yourself @jennyt.floristry