Weddings around Martha’s Vineyard are getting pushed due to restrictions surrounding travel and large gatherings. — Courtesy Carly Michelle Photogra Like the majority of other businesses on Martha’s Vineyard that rely on off-Island visitors as their primary source of income, the wedding industry is facing an unprecedented situation as many couples postpone their celebrations. Emily Coulter, owner of Morrice Florist in Tisbury, said the floral arrangement industry is going to be “hugely affected” by the lack of spring and summer visitors. She said all weddings on her list that were planned for May are already postponed, and many June weddings are leaning toward postponement as well. “Lots of things are really up in the air. Florists all around Martha’s Vineyard are in the same boat, we are just trying to be accommodating and meet the needs of our clients,” Coulter said. “As long as the couples are relatively flexible about what flowers they want, we should be able to serve all those events.” Coulter said Morrice Florist usually orders flowers from its suppliers well ahead of the wedding season, “but this season we are going to have to wait and see when all the weddings are pushed to.” Performers that would normally be gearing up to provide entertainment at weddings are also being affected. Jerry Bennett of The Sultans of Martha’s Vineyard, a premier private party band, said the postponements for the next couple months have been “pretty much across the board.” “It seems like no one has any confidence that June is going to be salvaged, but July is looking like it could be possible,” Bennett said. He said The Sultans take deposits as part of their business policy, so they are confident that any event they had planned for June or July can be rescheduled to a […]