Home :: Jephry Floral Studio Jephry Floral Studio, one of the leading Providence florists, helps you with flowers, plants, and other décor for all events, including weddings, birthday parties, and more. Providence, Rhode Island – February 24, 2020 – Jephry Floral Studio, one of the leading Providence flower shops , supplies unique flowers that add functional, fun, and fashionable elements to every occasion. Their florists are experts in the field. Their designers bring together themes and colors to add a great finishing touch to your wedding or other party. Providence Florist “At Jephry Floral Studio, we always believe that flowers make the most impact at an event. Beautiful floral designs promote a party from ordinary to memorable. Our Providence florist creates floral arrangements for all types of events, themed parties, holiday gatherings, wedding parties, and more. So, when planning your next event, please contact us, and we will create customized floral arrangements with a soul to beautify each one of your events,” said the spokesperson. He continued, “We always work with passion to turn our clients’ dreams into reality by providing a great service and attention to detail at all planning stages. Our aim is to provide our clients with an unforgettable event by focusing on and delivering a memorable, timeless, and perfectly executed experience.” Visit the Jephry Floral Studio website for samples of their work. There are lush, beautiful floral designs featuring hydrangeas, calla lilies and peonies. Whether your event has 200 or 20 people, the professional designers at Jephry will design beautiful, custom florals that enhance the décor of the venue and create a magical theme. When you need floral arrangements for a wedding, special event, funeral, gift, or want to decorate your home, Jephry Floral Studio is your one-stop solution. The shop is open daily, except […]