JLO, or Jennifer Lopez, understands the allure of floral fashion. This was evident at the Paris fashion shows where she donned a striking ensemble: a coat crafted from 7,000 real rose petals, meticulously preserved with sugar water.

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JLO Makes Waves with Flower Coat from 7000 Rose Petals

By Anabelle Chase

JLO – aka – Jennifer Lopez knows the power of the flower. Especially with floral-inspired fashions.

At the Paris fashion shows, she wore a “coat made of 7,000 real rose petals kept fresh and alive by sugar water, also known as hummingbird nectar.”

As she described on her Instagram, it was designed for her by Daniel Roseberry for Schiaparelli Couture 2024. It does seem fitting that a designer with the word “rose” in his name would conceive of this concept.

Her outfit grabbed headlines from other stars including Euphoria star Zendaya and actress Da’vine Joy Randolph.

It’s also interesting that even though Jennifer Lopez is not nominated for a particular performance, her fashion performances are getting so much attention. She also wore a soft pink dress designed by Nicole Felicia couture for the Golden Globes awards show. However, she has a new album This Is Me…Now, which will be released on Feb. 16.

Petal On JLO! And can’t wait to see what you wear during the rest of awards season.