Kilbury Flowers & Balloons OUR high streets have long been a source of unique, specialist and independent traders, and many have gone above and beyond during the Covid-19 lockdown – and who are now going from strength to strength as the economy opens up again.

At the Worcester News , we’re shining the spotlight on an exceptional trader each week who goes the extra mile for their customers, and we asked readers for their recommendations of the city’s top florists.

One name which came up with regularity was that of Jon Stevens, who runs his Kilbury Flowers & Balloons business , as he puts it, “in the middle of a housing estate” – in Kilbury Drive, off Spetchley Road, to be precise. Worcester News: Jon’s business as florist and balloonist has been running since 1988, and he specialises in weddings and funerals, as well as offering a delivery service.

He said: “We have a fantastic loyal customer base and managed to turn a negative into a positive when the virus hit.

“We are off the track with no passing trade but instead we’re a destination set out to come to – offer good service and good value for money and people will come.” A stunning funeral arrangement Jon said that he and his team have undertaken funeral flowers at just a few hours’ notice, even on a Sunday, and for one Chinese funeral had to arrange a design involving 36 different types of flower.

He said: “I was also very honoured to know the sex of a customer’s baby before the mum and dad did so I could put together a surprise balloon package for them (the consultant told me first). Jon with some of the team at Kilbury Flowers “Our hard work means that we have secured our wonderful shop’s future and all my girls’ jobs! And my brides are now booked with us for 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.

“Be reassured we will still be in business. I am so so proud, and grateful to all my loyal customers.” Worcester News: A bouquet arranged at very short notice “after someone upset his girlfriend”

Those customers include many who contacted us through Facebook when we asked for suggestions.

Helen Briscoe said: “Jon and his team at Kilbury Flowers are amazing. He is so talented and they’ve managed to carry on throughout the lockdown safely delivering to cheer people up and doing loads of funeral flowers to honour those who have died during these difficult times.

“He’s brilliant at wedding flowers now weddings can take place again too.”

Sarah Hughes said: “Jon and his team can’t do enough for you, they put so much care, love and eye for detail into all of their creations they are an amazing team. They deserve all the recognition, credit and support we can give them.”

Maria Elena Perez Parkin said: “Jon Stevens and his staff do a fantastic job and work so hard!!!”, while Joanne Hauxwell and Sarah Whitmore and several others were also full of praise.

Kilbury Flowers & Balloons can be […]