A message spelled out in hydrangeas on the fence of the Roosevelt Elementary School across from the Keego Harbor Police Department. In these gloomy and uncertain days, flowers can lift the spirits if even for a few moments. In the chain-link fence surrounding Roosevelt Elementary School in Keego Harbor, a floral message spells out the word “HOPE” in fresh-cut hydrangeas with a red heart of roses next to it. In fact, fresh-cut flowers have been appearing around the neighborhoods in Sylvan Lake and Keego Harbor this week. Meet official flower bomber, Erin Schoneman. She owns Sage Green Floral & Events in Keego Harbor which has been open about six months. Bouquets of fresh flowers were left on a bench in a Sylvan Lake park by flower bomber, Erin Schoneman of Sage Green Floral. “When I opened the shop I’ve always liked to cheer people up, that’s always been my thing. I like to give gifts, I’m like a happiness ambassador. That was my goal with the shop,’’ Schoneman said. “With everything going on (with coronavirus) and such a depressing time I’m going to use my platform that I started with to make people happy.’’ The flower warehouse she uses called and told her they had flowers they were going to have to throw away because nothing is open and weddings and social events are canceled. “I said, ‘Absolutely I’ll take them. I can cheer people up with them,’’’ Schoneman said. She and Angie Kempt, a part-time worker at her store who has been laid off, brainstormed about locations. They decided on “HOPE” flower bomb so the Keego Harbor police could see it right across from their station. “They’re out there still dealing with the public, and they are putting themselves at risk,’’ Schoneman said. She also placed one arrangement […]