Keeping the romance alive seems to come easy to some. All too often, all the little things which say I love you seem to get lost in the humdrum and too many things which need to be done. As more people turn their hand to eco friendly ways to reduce their carbon footprint, getting through the holiday and into spring on the right foot is a perfect time to say it with flowers from a local source if you can. More To Life Than Roses Roses are the first flower which is associated with romance. Rich red roses reflecting love and passion and are a perfect unexpected flower to gift someone you truly love. White roses symbolise purity and innocence, being chaste and pure. This is why most bridal bouquets include at least a few white flowers, as least to set off other colour used in the bouquet. However, there is more to life than roses, so look for your local florist and garden shop to provide the perfect way to keep your romance alive. Flowers are a perfect way to celebrate life and to build many happy memories. Happy Go Lucky Romance Perhaps the happiest go lucky flower that is bound to make everyone smile is the tulip. It comes in every color of the rainbow, and variations in between. They say each one has it’s own special meaning. However, you may want to match them to your occasion, favourite colours or simply matching the décor of the room. Other favorites for happy go lucky romantic moments include bright yellow flowers of any persuasion. Gerbera Daisies also bring a smile to anyone who appreciates them and there are bound to be hours of fun trying to find the perfect ones to enjoy inside or out. Brave Bromeliads And […]