“An alternative to flower walls, this artistic foliage backdrop doubles as a projection screen.”

It’s a classic story of form meets function – with a twist. Floral designer, Arthur Williams, AIFD, EMC, CPF, owner of Babylon Floral Design in Denver, Colo., stretched his creativity to provide a wow factor on a small budget. His client wanted a greenery wall that would double as a projection screen, as a backdrop for an intimate musical performance. Incorporating four types of large tropical foliages, each with distinctive forms and textures, Williams created this captivating 14-feet-square feature for his client’s affair – an astounding example of a big bang without big bucks.

Lush foliages in a variety of sizes and textures can create an interesting, elegant and, perhaps, more budget-friendly alternative to flower walls. And you can add touches of color, as Williams did here, to coordinate with any theme, season or palette, making this botanical décor project versatile and timeless.

Williams created the base structure for this foliage wall/ projection screen with 1-inch-diameter metal pipes and florist netting (chicken wire).

• The metal pipes form the top and bottom of the structure, with “panels” of florist netting – each two layers thick – on both sides. The wire netting is secured to the metal pipes with cable ties.

• Williams then artfully positioned lengths of white PVC pipe throughout the structure at varying angles to mimic the artwork behind the structure; they are both decorative and structural. He secured the PVC pipes to the wire netting with cable ties.

• Finally, Williams artfully arranged stems of natural and painted foliage into the side panels of wire netting.