Alpine Artistic Florist business owner Jamie Lewis says she occasionally gives away a flower to someone passing through the parking lot in front of the shop who looks like they need it for some reason. “I think that it brings me more blessings than them. Sometimes they come back a couple of weeks later to thank me or let me know that it made their day better and hearing that tells me this is where I’m supposed to be,” Lewis said. As of April 1, she will have been in business for 12 years and although she does not know how many flowers she goes through in a week, she says it depends on the number of weddings and funerals she covers during any given week. Although the shop has delivered floral arrangements as far as Chula Vista, Oceanside or Coronado for customers, Lewis says some of the more special arrangements are for return customers who she has seen grow up. “I’ve done flowers for prom and later on been asked to do wedding flowers for the same person then a few years later I’m doing their anniversary flowers and baby shower arrangements,” Lewis said. She has a team she frequently works with that she calls the Wedding Power team and says she has had the chance to decorate many backyard weddings. While Valentine’s day is the biggest single workday of the year, the entire week surrounding Mother’s day is a busy one for Lewis. Constantly on the lookout for unique containers, the florist asks about creative receptacles when she spots them in local shops, then sources the vendor so she can order them for use in her business. Lewis also says that she performs a steady supply of deliveries to Alpine cemetery on Christmas and on individual birthdays, […]