For the past twelve years, flowers have been delivered to Mission Hospital’s 9th-floor oncology ward every Monday, like clockwork. But nurses have no idea who’s sending the weekly bouquet. RELATED: This Inspiring Teen Undergoing Chemo Makes Special Shirts for Kids with Cancer Each week, they give the “Monday Flowers” to a patient who needs some cheering up. Says nurse Karina Saunders,” “Sometimes I’ll tell them about the flowers or sometimes I’ll just say, ‘you had a person thinking of you.’” But Why Did They Stop Coming? But the mystery continued on February 18th, according to ABC15 News when the flowers stopped coming. The florist that sends them is going out of business and the nurses think the sender may not know. Mission Hospital officials are trying to get in contact with the anonymous sender through the florist and hope they can get the flowers back. In the meantime, the nurses have have years to wonder who the mystery sender might be. A Husband Whose Wife Passed Away? The ‘Monday Flowers’ mystery was recently shared in a Facebook post by Alvina Cozzarelli, a hospital employee who says they have been delivered from ‘Your House of Flowers’ with no name or card. “Our manager doesn’t know for sure, “ Cozzarelli writes, “but he thinks they are sent from a man whose wife passed away on our unit.” Bringing Joy to Someone Going Through a Hard Time “I’ve made up so many stories in my head about this person,” she speculates in her post, RELATED: Kids with Cancer Get a Thrilling Surprise — a Diddy Dance Party on ‘The Ellen Show’ “Like maybe he bought his wife flowers every week and when she died he didn’t know where to send them so he just sent them to the place where she passed […]