Two days before my mum died I told her I was doing the flowers for Kate and William’s wedding… she told the nurses but luckily they were very discreet’ 3 3 shane Belfast man Shane Connolly’s mother lay dying in Marie Curie Hospice as the most important call of his life came through – a meeting with Prince William’s staff to discuss the biggest royal wedding in decades. Due to the terrible snow that winter and to doctors’ advice that his mother was too ill for him to leave, the London-based florist had to twice cancel appointments with the Royal household. In what was one of the most bittersweet moments of his life, just two days before his mum passed away in January 2011, Shane secured the contract every florist in the world dreamed of – to design the flowers for Kate and William’s wedding. He did manage to fly back to Belfast in time to share the wonderful news with his mum who he had to swear to secrecy. But on her final day on earth, Peggy Connolly got to enjoy a special proud mum moment when she shared the news with hospice nursing staff. He recalls: “I got a call from Prince William’s office asking if I could come and discuss something with them. Mum was dying and I was sitting with her in the Marie Curie Hospice. “Mum was in the hospice for 10 weeks. It was that bad winter in 2010 when there was a lot of snow and I had to cancel the appointment because of the weather. “I had to cancel again because the doctors told me they didn’t think I should leave mum. “I finally did get a meeting on a Thursday in January and mum died on the Saturday. She was […]