MEDFORD, Ore. — Kimberly Hicks, Owner of RSVP Event Group in Medford, was one of 230 people picked to decorate the White House for the holidays. Though she couldn’t say where she was taken, because of a nondisclosure agreement, she broke down the experience for News 10. Hicks returned Tuesday evening and says it was an honor and something that she has wanted to do for a long time. “It’s just kind of in my blood, and I don’t actually know when I learned that you could volunteer to decorate at the White House, but it’s always been a bucket list thing for me,” said Hicks. Hicks applied for the first time this year and says she was shocked to be picked since there were over 6,000 applicants. She the experience has given her, in-depth knowledge of the White House’s interior layout. “There was a lot of variety, and they moved us around the White House so we weren’t in the same place the whole time. So, by the end we all had a good idea of what the White House looked like and all the projects that were going on,” said Hicks. Hicks says decorators would work for about seven hours a day, for a total of six whole days. “From my perspective that’s a pretty short day, I’m used to (it)” she said noting that “when your doing events, those are really really long days.” Hicks says one particular encounter showed her how special and unique the experience was. “There was one florist that I met that sat on the bus with me the first day, she was from New Hampshire. She told me she has applied every single year since Reagan was in office. My jaw just dropped,” said Hicks. Hicks says First Lady, Melania Trump, […]