A collection of component arrangements creates a tablescape for a celebratory family feast—a novel flower gifting idea for honoring Mom this year.

Floral design, photos and text by Nita Robertson, AIFD

Presented by OASIS Floral Products/Smithers-Oasis North America

For an alternative approach to Mother’s Day flowers, create a composite tablescape collection of arrangements to adorn a holiday brunch or buffet table. Mom can keep them all and place them throughout her home, or she can gift the smaller component designs to the guests celebrating her on her special day.

With a nod to environmental friendliness, I chose to use FibreFloral™ Design Media from Smithers-Oasis, which many customers will appreciate because it is crafted from natural volcanic basalt rock paired with a bio-based binder made from rapidly renewable materials. Because Mother’s Day is often celebrated with a jubilant repast, create a new experience for customers this Mother’s Day with a fresh and innovative flower gifting idea that embraces not only the celebratory family meal but also eco-conscious floral artistry.


Step 1

Using a serrated knife, cut a piece of FibreFloral Design Media to snugly fit into the container of your choice. Soak the FibreFloral in flower nutrient solution until it is fully saturated, and then place it into the container. Fill the container with flower nutrient solution.

cut fibrefloral

Step 2

Create the shape and size (skeleton) of the design by arranging stems of Astilbe and Eucalyptus.

step 2

Step 3

Arrange roses in a diagonal line through the center of the arrangement, from the front to the back, at varying heights, to create visually interesting depth.

add roses

Step 4

Enhance the shape of the design by arranging stems of larkspur, and further fill the center of the design, on both sides of the line of roses, by arranging cremon mums, also at varying heights/depths.

add more flowers

Step 5

Arrange stems of lily grass to create visual circular movement and additional dimension. Insert the cut end of each blade of lily grass into the FibreFloral Design Media, and wire a small wood pick to the tip of each blade; this will enable you to easily insert the tips into the FibreFloral. Arrange additional roses throughout the design, as well, followed by a few stems of curly willow.

add lily grass accents
lily grass adding movement

Step 6

Design small coordinating arrangements in a variety of sizes and shapes of ceramic bud vases, to create an extended composite tablescape.

bud vases

Step 7

Create additional small component arrangements for the tablescape by first wrapping the sides and bottoms of small squares of saturated FibreFloral Design Media with variegated Aspidistra leaves, securing the leaves to FibreFloral with greening pins and wrapping each leaf-wrapped square in bullion wire, for additional security and decoration. Next, arrange flowers low into the exposed tops of the leaf-wrapped squares of FibreFloral.

step 7
step 7

Finally, assemble the main arrangement and the component arrangements, along with any accessories you choose, to create a lovely tablescape for a Mother’s Day brunch—or any celebration.

brunch tablescape




Rosa × hybrida ‘Pearl Finess (Finesse)’/’Peach Ghobi’ (garden-like hybrid tea rose)

Chrysanthemum × morifolium ‘Linette’ (disbud decorative mum, cremon mum)

Consolida ajacis/C. ambigua (larkspur, rocket larkspur, doubtful knight’s spur)

Astilbe japonica (false goat’s beard, false spirea, florist’s spirea)

Eucalyptus parvula (small-leaved gum, Kybean gum)

Aspidistra elatior ‘Variegata’ (variegated cast-iron plant, variegated barroom plant)

Liriope muscari (lily grass)

Salix matsudana/S. babylonica ‘Tortuosa’ (curly willow, corkscrew willow, contorted willow)


FibreFloral Design Media from Smithers-Oasis

OASIS Bullion Wire (Silver)

OASIS Greening Pins

Wired wood picks (3” or 4”)

Ceramic bowl

Ceramic bud vases, assorted