Emma has changed her business from floristry to food delivery (Picture: Emma Soulsby) Although necessary to stop the spread of coronavirus , lockdown has left many business owners struggling. Some have switched to selling online or offering different services to stay afloat. But when award-winning florist Emma Soulsby, 37, from London , realised that people weren’t going to need flowers for weddings and events, she decided to completely pivot into food deliveries. Before lockdown, the team at Emma Soulsby Flowers were working at some of the top venues across the UK and abroad, but now Emma is getting up at 1:30 am every day to source food instead of flowers. Emma says she wanted to keep a business going and help people who are struggling to get food so she launched Magnificent Marrow , using her existing supply-chain contacts, delivery vans and experience to bring fresh fruit, vegetables, milk and eggs to peoples’ homes across London. All deliveries are non-contact; payment is taken online and deliveries are dropped off at the doorstep (we’ll knock three times and keep 2m away) and we offer 10% discount for all NHS staff. For My Quarantine Routine today, Emma explains how she spent 7 April. 1:30 am Alarm goes off and I get straight out of bed. Freshen my face up by washing with ice cold water. I try as best I can to cover my bags and apply a little makeup then make a very strong coffee. I dress in jeans, thermal top, jumper, jacket and a coat with a hat and trainers. It’s so cold in the market to keep the fruit and veg preserved. As we start packing up the boxes the layers start to come off. I then drive my van that’s usually used for the weddings to the […]