Taylor and Cullen Handfelt of The Woodlands are blending the business of a traditional florist with some new twists. The Handfelts are the dynamic duo that created Piney Rose Flowers & Decor. A mixture of the feminine side, Rose, and the masculine side, Piney, they operate their newly opened business together much like everything else they do in life. “Cullen handles more of the business and corporate side of things, I’m the creative one,” Taylor said. Taylor says that while residents coming to a florist for occasions or commercial needs is not a new thing, she and her husband are working to bring something new to the trade. Error 0: Piney Rose offers monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly subscriptions for a specially fashioned arrangement of blooms — fresh in a vase — delivered to your door. “What makes us unique is that we do farm direct flowers and the way we arrange flowers, and see them is different,” Taylor said. They arrange the flowers in a natural style. The design is more loose and it’ll feel like it’s meant to be arranged the way it is. There are even classes that Taylor teaches on flower arrangements that are starting this month. Each class has a different theme. Residents can buy tickets for about $40 depending on the class, attend the session and then take their product home. It all starts at their arrangement bar. People come and choose the vessel or vase of their liking, then they choose the different fillings for it — it could be rocks or sand — and then they can choose smaller plants or succulents to go inside. “It’s a lot like painting with a twist,” Taylor said. The initial concept for their business was envisioned long before they bought the property at 2417 Research […]