Terry Wiley serves customers with a smile at Banker’s Corner Coffee shop in the old Union Bank building. Customers can enjoy their meal inside the vault. (Photo Provided) SISTERSVILLE — A love for Victorian architecture turned into an economic boost for Sistersville after Terry Wiley acquired several buildings and opened businesses in the town over the past 12 years. Although not a native of Tyler County, Wiley became familiar with the area when he was young. His family owned a farm in Middlebourne. “My dad and I used to come up and hunt when I was a little boy,” Wiley said. After stumbling upon Sistersville to find cell phone service, Wiley got the opportunity to explore what the town had to offer. While he sat in his parked car, he noticed a for sale sign in the window of the building in front of him. At the time it was Dudley’s Flower shop. The Sistersville Museum, formerly a bank building, is owner by Terry Wiley, who owns several other businesses and buildings in Sistersville. (Photo Provided) “I bought the thing, I never had been inside. This was such a neat little town; it was worth it,” Wiley said. Since Dudley’s closed in the area, Wiley decided the town needed a flower shop and opened the Sistersville Florist on Wells Street. Across the street from the flower shop is an old bank building that is now the Sistersville Museum, also owned by Wiley. “I’ve owned that for five years. It’s really growing. We have things that date back to when Sistersville was still Virginia. We have a ledger that had survived a fire, the pages themselves are still intact; nobody has opened it to see what’s inside,” Wiley said. After buying the old bank building, Wiley purchased the Gaslight Theatre, […]