A unique floral workshop took place at the Icehotel in Sweden in Late March. Per Benjamin and Max Van de Sluis organized a workshop at the beautiful Icehotel in Sweden. They welcomed 50 floral designers from all over the world to discover with us what the possibilities are with ice and flowers. Some amazing results were created from this once in a lifetime experience.

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A Unique Workshop at Icehotel Sweden With Flowers and Ice Resulting in Exceptional Designs and Wonderful Friendships

The greatest gift in life is life itself. But I promise that if you ever have the opportunity to come to a workshop at Icehotel in Sweden, everything fleeting out of that will be a gift.By: PER BENJAMIN | 17-04-2022 | 3 min read

Together with Max Van de Sluis, I organized a workshop at the beautiful Icehotel in Sweden. We were thrilled to welcome 50 floral designers from all over the world to discover with us what the possibilities are with ice and flowers. The flowers from Hukra and Ansu and Ice craftsman helping us, were a magical combo. The Workshop was organized from 25th till 27th of March. And I wanted to share with you the ten group designs that the floral designers have accomplished. 

Per Benjamin
Max Van de Sluis

A Unique Workshop at Icehotel Sweden

Every year the rooms of this hotel are rebuilt and decorated by international artists and this year was the first time flowers were integrated. And I got to guide and advise them this time. If you are interested to read the full story about this design: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Icehotel by Bernadotte & Kylberg” 

The wide spectra of colors in ice and snow, and the different emotions, textures, and technical uses of botanical materials made this a unique workshop at Icehotel Sweden. One with seeing the Northern Light. It changes your life to see it, I promise.

International Workshop 

Floral designers from all over the world were working in groups of five to sculpt ice and discover the dos and don’ts. Flowers and Ice are not an obvious choice, but using water as glue to place flowers where you want them to be, is amazing. It seemed to be a great experience for all and Max and I saw beautiful friendships growing and most important exceptional designs.

1. Squares and branches, and flowers pierced in drilled holes. 

2. Heartshape with flowers. And hearts of friendship carved in ice…

3. Magical forest growing out of the walls!

4. Not even ice can contain the power of flowers!

5. Trees, sculptured trunks in ice, and branching out in botanical materials!

6. Table set for a flower feast!

7. Ice glued on ice with water!

 8. The floral column. Small ice blocks are glued onto the column, holes drilled in these, and flowers suspended in between.

9. Floral dualism. The iconic Icebar glasses are glued onto the ice columns. Then used as vases for all flowers and branches. Finally powdered in crystally snow. 

10. A big basket or nest on a column. Almost like an Easter nest. Different ice rectangles glue irregularly onto the column and then branches are drilled in and flowers weaved in position! 


Icehotel in Jukkasjärvi opened in 1989, and in addition to being a hotel is also an art exhibition with changing original art of ice and snow. Every winter, Icehotel is created in a new version, entirely of ice from the Torne River, one of Sweden’s national rivers and the last untouched watercourses. When the winter season’s hotel of ice and snow has melted back into the river in the spring, part of the hotel remains a place where guests can take part in experiences of ice and snow all year round.