When someone told Eden Garrett her business idea — a mobile flower truck — wouldn’t work, instead of being discouraged, she saw it as a challenge. “It started as a school project,” explains Garrett, who was majoring in advertising at the time. “I had to come up with a hypothetical business for class, and my professor absolutely hated it. He said, ‘This is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. People aren’t going to buy flowers out of a truck.’ I said, ‘Oh, you are so wrong. Let me prove it to you.’ So I spent the entire semester coming up with the project, just like it would be a real business. I talked to people about fabricating a truck, and I did all my research about flowers. When I presented it at the end of the year to the whole department, my teacher said, ‘Well, you really thought this through.’” Garrett laughs at the memory and then widens her eyes when she reveals the end of the story: Her professor, Charles DeBerry, wanted to invest in her idea. “He said, ‘I believe in you, and I want to become your business partner and give you the money to start it.’ I said, ‘What? Wow. I don’t know anything about flowers besides this project. I’ve never had to work with them. I’ve never arranged them.’ I don’t know anything about business. My degree was in advertising, and I don’t know numbers. I’m not good with math. “But we went and bought a truck in December of that year, and we both kind of looked at each other when we were driving it home, like, ‘What did we just do?’ It was nuts.” And that’s how Eden’s Flower Truck — a mobile flower business that creates on-the-spot arrangements built to order […]