The Best of “Slow Flowers Journal” from the Pages of Florists’ Review
– Volume 1 –

This spectacular new book from Debra Prinzing, Seattle-based author and founder of the “Slow Flowers Movement,” shines a light on the leaders, best practices, floral artistry and creative experiences that are changing the floral marketplace via locally and sustainably grown flowers.

Drawing on Prinzing’s stunning features in this magazine from August 2017 through December 2019, Slow Flowers Journal features profiles of and interviews with more than 80 leading Slow Flowers practitioners from across the U.S. and Canada, as well as photos their idyllic flower farms and sumptuous floral designs. About 20 percent of the content in this book is new and original, and the “best of” content from Florists’ Review magazine is completely rewritten and redesigned with fresh graphics and gorgeous new photos.

Although this book will appeal to floral enthusiasts from gardeners to DIY flower arrangers, it will be especially inspirational for floral professionals seeking to discover a new way of doing business: sustainably-minded floristry focusing on “local” and seasonal botanicals. Readers will gain useful business insights by reading about their peers—studios, workshops, retailers and floral artists— who believe that basing one’s business on the Slow Flowers philosophy is a smart branding strategy to resonate with today’s consumers.

The 128-page book, illustrated with more than 160 glorious color photos, features sections including “Slow Flowers Heroes,” “Florist-Farmers,” “The Business of Flowers,” “Botanical Couture,” “Field to Tabletop,” “Slow Weddings” (complete with a seasonal bridal bouquet gallery), “Growers Spotlight,” “‘Made in USA’ Suppliers”—and much more!

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“Leave it to Debra Prinzing to create a bookazine that illustrates the beauty of American-sourced flowers and celebrates the growers and floral designers who have embraced the “Slow Flowers Movement.” How wonderful to put faces and stories to the people who have championed a “locally grown” design practice. And how brilliant to gather so many resources in this beautifully designed.
Slow Flowers Journal.”
– Arielle Chezar
Arielle Chezar Design and author of Seasonal Flower Arranging

Insights from the Author

What was the inspiration behind this book, and what’s its purpose?
I have learned what I know and believe through writing about others’ personal narratives, and I believe the best way to inspire floral professionals and enthusiasts is by telling stories of florists and farmer-florists who attribute their success to greener and more sustainable approaches to business. So I created Slow Flowers Journal to be an illustrated handbook to guide readers seeking a better way of doing business.

How would you define this book?
Slow Flowers Journal is a documentary-style project— part inspiration, part information—that showcases more than 80 leaders and influencers in the “Slow Flowers Movement.” By including so many unique stories, voices and design aesthetics, I show the vast range of options and opportunities to participate.

To whom will this book appeal?
The book is intended for all segments of the floral marketplace—from studio and retail florists to growers and farmer-florists to wedding and event professionals and wholesale suppliers. Equally important audiences are enthusiastic cut flower gardeners and DIY floral designers.

What do you hope readers will gain from this book?

I hope floral entrepreneurs will gain useful business insights by reading about their peers—studios, workshops, retailers and floral artists—who embrace the belief that basing one’s business on the Slow Flowers philosophy is a smart branding strategy. Beyond business and branding, with more than 160 photographs of sumptuous installations; tabletop arrays; bridal bouquets; arrangements; and seasonal, sustainably and domestically grown flowers, I hope readers will be inspired to try new techniques and use uncommon types of flowers in unexpected combinations.


128 pages
163 color photos, many full page or larger
9” wide x 10.875” high
ISBN 978-1-7337826-3-0
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