Aebersold Florist

Briefly describe what your company does : We are a full-service florist and gift shop with two locations in Southern Indiana servicing the Greater Louisville area.

Year founded : 1908

Number of generations : 4

Number of employees : 15

Address : 1217 Silver St. New Albany, IN 47150

Website :

What’s the best part about being a multigenerational family business?

When you grow up in a business, you learn a great deal from your family over many years. This experience allows the younger generation to find ways to improve processes while maintaining a high level of quality and service that is passed down through the family. Of course, it’s also wonderful to be so close to your family regularly. We are blessed that our daughter Lara Collett has embraced the business and is helping run the daily operations, and our sons Dave and Andrew also help when needed.

How does your business stand out from the competition?

As a florist, we are so much more than the occasional provider of flowers. We have built strong connections with our community and give back whenever we can. We are there for families throughout their lives, providing flowers for everything from the birth of a child, a wedding, and in more dark times. Because of this, we offer something that a big box store or an online flower reseller doesn’t have, and that’s why we love what we do. We are fortunate to have also been honored amongst our peers across all 50 states, winning the 2010 Retail Florist of the Year competition.

What impact has your family had on your industry?

We have been able to share the joy of flowers with our community. We’ve opened channels of communication that say I love you, I’m sorry, or congratulations. We ensure every product is of the highest quality possible, and we do everything we can to make it right for our customers. We know some people don’t send flowers every day, but when they do, we want it to have a positive impact. Many years ago, we worked with 14 other local florists to create a delivery pool. The delivery pool allowed local florists to deliver flowers more efficiently to the greater Louisville area by dividing the florist coverage area into zones. Now, all participating florists can directly service customers in our area without unnecessary delivery charges, fuel consumption, and ultimately fees passed on to the customer. There is a strong spirit of collaboration that is for the greater good of our industry. What’s the key to long-term success for a business? Persistence and consistency, combined with hard work and drive, will bring success. Our customers can count on us to deliver beautiful flowers and thoughtful gifts on time. It’s crucial to stay relevant, and we do this by continuing to invest in our employees and leadership with ongoing training and seminars. When you achieve some success, we believe you should do what you can to help […]