While weddings and events are postponed, we are looking ahead to how these future occasions may look – and once they arrive, irrespective of their size, they will be more special, more personal and more poignant than ever before. Until that time, we are looking at petite styling with David Austin Wedding Roses – small gatherings with cameo floral displays but roses with big hearts.

Small and Intimate

Small and intimate: “Micro” and “bijou” are part of our new world—but small can also be perfectly formed. David Austin Wedding Roses has taken the “small and intimate” theme to create styling ideas to clients celebrate special family moments—an anniversary, a birthday or just because. These small creative ideas can be easily upscaled to become the grand weddings and events of the future, but for now, we can help our clients embrace the little things, which can have a big impact and create future memories.

An Outdoor Venue Close to Home

For those rainy or overcast days, we have decamped from the house into our new glass venue: the greenhouse! Surrounded by potted plants; seedlings and grapevines hanging from above, eating out has never felt so snug or close to nature! Add blankets and cushions not only for practical purposes but also to add their colorful and textural aesthetics, too.

We have dressed a wooden trestle table and pulled out the vintage blue-and-white dinnerware. A ceramic compote is our styling vessel for the hot pink blooms of ‘Capability’ (Ausapply) and the pretty soft pastel hues of ‘Constance’ (Austruss). Full of character, they are boastful in their color and their fragrance. They will unashamedly compete for your attention along with their floral friends of lilacs, lupines, poppies, apple mint and cat mint. Together, they create a merry carnival atmosphere of both color and fragrance.

The devil is always in the details, so make each place setting personal. A roll of twine has become our new ribbon, and shards of slate or pebbles our name cards. Everyday objects surrounding us have become our creative inspiration and styling props.


People are coveting outdoor spaces more than ever before—whether it is a balcony, a park or a backyard. With warmer days and summer evenings upon us, there is nothing better than eating outdoors: a picnic, a barbecue or a buffet. Al-fresco dining, however simple, can also be super stylish.
‘Keira’ (Ausboxer) and her rippled blush pink hues set a slightly more relaxed and informal feel to the occasion. Glass jars are loosely filled with ‘Keira’ stems, Argentine forget-me-nots and quaking grass. Add candles, and hang festoon lights between tree branches so that your clients can continue enjoying the outdoor space well into the evening.
The woven basket immediately adds the informal bohemian vibe, and ‘Keira’ is picture perfect alongside her styling partners of white lace flowers, apricot foxgloves, a touch of blue-gray with amazing gray poppies and some columbines. These ingredients are the perfect color palette for a future bridal bouquet.
So while our new going out is staying right where we are, we can still make those moments special for our clients. Before we know it, the larger events will be upon us to embrace, but in the meantime, we can help our clients celebrate the here and now—small and intimate.

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