As the daughter of a keen gardener, you could say a seed was planted early on that, one day, Emily Michele Smith would work with beautiful flowers. It takes hard work and tenacity, though, to turn a passion into a thriving career, as she has done with her floral design company, Boutierre Girls . It’s an example of happy synchronicity between her work and personal life that some of her key clients belong to the beauty and fashion world – after all, Emily is a woman who rocks too-cool-for-school Swedish label Acne for startlingly early mornings at the flower markets, and has one of the most well-stocked beauty cabinets we’ve ever had the joy of exploring. “I love beauty products. I am quite a minimalist in general but my bathroom is chock full of products – some new and some old faithfuls. I very rarely wear a full face of makeup, or any makeup, really, so I’ve worked really hard to find products that suit my skin and help me look fresh, glowing and healthy. I have very sensitive skin that I think has been caused over the years from stress, medication and sun exposure. I truly feel my best when I have clear bright skin, very minimal or no makeup on, with my hair all pulled back off my face. Having temperamental skin is really frustrating, although it does in a way force me to take care of it and to see that beauty can be a useful method for relaxation. Leaving the house feeling like I’ve put in some effort on the self-care front always gives a brighter start to my day. If it’s a market morning, I’m generally awake at 3.50am and start my first morning routine. I wash my face with Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution […]