Much like Netflix’s glass art show Blown Away or the makeup competition Glow Up , The Big Flower Fight introduces an under-appreciated art form to our living rooms. This time, it’s floral decoration. Based on The Big Flower Fight contestant Instagrams , the competition is bound to be fierce as 10 teams of skilled artists vie for a chance to display their sculpture at London’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Who’s going to be coming up roses and who’s going to be pushing daisies? Get to know the stars ahead of the premiere and decide for yourself. Nick and Taylor

According to Nick’s Instagram , he works at the New York Botanical Garden. He describes himself as a "plant coach," which basically means he teaches people how to care for plants in their own apartments, per his website. This is an actual paid service he provides, though it’s not clear how much he charges. (He asks what the budget is though, so it’s probably pricey.)

Taylor is Nick’s BFF according to her Instagram. Her username is "The Planty Dropper" and she appears to be a model (sometimes a nude one) who poses amid trees and succulents. Henck and Yan

Henck Roling’s Instagram is full of detailed sketches of trees and plants, mixed in photos of his fabulous fashion wear. According to his website, Henk is a Dutch-born artist who trained as a Master Florist at the AOC Midden Nederland. He moved to London in 2007, and now works as a freelance florist for events.

Yan Skates is also a London-based floral designer, and Yan’s Instagram is full of beautiful collaborations with magazines (like Nylon ), photographers, and local businesses. According to his LinkedIn, Yan is also the director of Bespoke Flowers, where he event plans weddings and various functions. ‌Andi and Helen

According to Helen Lockwood’s Instagram , she’s a presenter at Candide Gardening, an app for gardeners, and a sustainable horticulturist. She makes plenty of tutorial videos for the Candide Gardening’s YouTube, like how to care for an anthurium or how to propagate an agave plant . She also designs floral jewelry .

Andi doesn’t have her own personal Instagram, but she is the head gardener at Yeo Valley Organic Garden, and can be spotted here and there on their Instagram. Ralph and Jim

Ralph and Jim Kernott are a father and son duo from Hampden Park, and only Jim has a social media presence. Jim is actually not a florist at all, but a 3D designer of futuristic-looking furniture and household goods. According to the Eastbourne Herald , Ralph is a groundsman at Bede’s Prep School, and Jim is studying 3D design and craft at the University of Brighton. Sarah and Jordan

Sarah and Jordan are a pair of friends based in the United States. According to Sarah’s Instagram , she’s a wedding designer and head of Intrigue Designs. She’s made everything from a five-foot wedding bouquet to a six-foot table centerpiece . According to Jordan’s Instagram , she also works […]