A note from Native Poppy’s co-owners Natalie Gill and Meg Blancato about their motherhood journeys. Happy Mother’s day to all of our florist moms.

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Natalie + Meg: On Motherhood

  • May 05, 2023

A note from Native Poppy’s co-owners Natalie Gill and Meg Blancato about their motherhood journeys…

Amidst these busy weeks leading up to Mother’s Day, we wanted to share a few thoughts about being a mom. But first, whether you are a mother, expecting, or in a period of waiting; whether you have lost a child, or a partner who used to make sure you were celebrated; whether you decided not to have children of your own, but act as auntie, caregiver, or confidant to others in your life – we see you and honor you this holiday. 

Becoming “Mom”

Mother’s Day is the biggest floral holiday of the year, and as a florist, the business side of it really takes over. It truly is an honor getting to flower for so many mothers and mother-figures.

Flowers aside, Mother’s Day is a very precious holiday to me. I spent several months trying to conceive only to be met with not one but two miscarriages. I remember how painful my first Mother’s Day was after loss and wondered if I’d ever get to celebrate it with a child earthside.

I am so blessed and grateful to have two beautiful children here with me now, and be able to celebrate this holiday with them. Hearing them call me “mama” honestly never ceases to squeeze my heart.

Natalie spent years unsure when or if she was ready to step into the motherhood chapter of her life. Having become a mom a mere three and a half months ago, Natalie is navigating the joys and challenges of this new normal. 

The Biggest Surprise

For me, the most unexpected part of this journey since having my children is how hard it is to be a working mom. Being a parent in general is life-consuming enough, but integrating that with work has completely knocked me off balance. I just didn’t have a lot of insight about how challenging it would be before going into it.

Natalie designed and led the biggest installation of her career when her daughter was only 10 weeks old, and had three grand-parents, plus her husband, there to support her. 

The support of our partners, caregivers, family, and frankly, the patience and understanding of our team, leads us to often quote the old adage “it takes a village.”

Celebrating Mother’s Day When You’re a Florist-Mom

This is Natalie’s first Mother’s Day, and what is our floral queen asking for? Sleep. All the mamas reading just chanted a collective, “PREACH!”

Year round, Natalie intones that Native Poppy is her first baby, and she’s excited to celebrate another Mothers Day with flowers, the team and our growing community of customers.

She also affectionately reflected on how being a new mom encourages her to celebrate her own mother with more gusto because Natalie is now understanding first hand all her mom has done to support her growing up.

For me, “Make-Up Mother’s Day” usually takes place the day after that Sunday (we’re closed Monday so it’s the perfect day to rest and recoup). My requests are pretty simple – delicious food, extra snuggles from my kids, maybe a nap – see, sleep. And flowers. Flowers would be really nice too.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your lives during this special time of year, and allowing us to be vulnerable with you. If any of this resonated with you, remember mama – you’re doing great.

Wherever you are in your motherhood journey, Wild Flower, Happy Mother’s Day from Native Poppy.