The Mini Man's bike is crafted by florist Shelley for the funeral of Kilgetty open-air dweller HenryHenry Edwards – known as Mini Man – had spent over half his life living in the open air near Kilgetty roundabout.

Firstly making his home in an old Mini car, and then moving to a makeshift roadside den, Henry, 66, was a familiar figure propelling his battered pushbike around local roads.

He was found dead at his home at the end of November after not being seen for several days.

Henry shunned all offers of help and human contact and residents of the area respected his wishes for his solitary life.

His funeral took place at St Issell’s Church, Saundersfoot, where he was buried in the grave of his sister who died as a child.

Representatives of both the traveller community and local areas paid their respects en route and at the graveside.

A floral tribute was created on behalf of Kilgetty and Begelly residents by Flowers by Shelley and is being acclaimed as a ‘fitting’ and ‘beautiful’ expression of sympathy

Florist Shelley Webb, 43, of New Hedges decided to depict Henry’s bike laden with carrier bags and a bottle of orange pop, on a meadow of flowers.

She said: “I didn’t know if Henry had any family, and although I never knew him, I felt it would be awful if there were no flowers on his coffin. “So I made the tribute from all the community, and I wanted to make something that was him, which is why I included the pop and the carrier bags. “I just felt it was a nice gesture, and it’s lovely that people have been so grateful. It only cost me my time, and that was the least I could do.”

Source: The Mini Man’s bike is crafted by florist Shelley for the funeral of Kilgetty open-air dweller Henry