“New iPad positions itself as a top tool for wedding and event planners.” 

Product Efficiency

After working in technology for years, people may be skeptical of the hype when new (or improved) products come out. Because Apple is also the master of “hype,” that makes it even harder to discern fact from fiction oftentimes. But at the same time, Apple also produces some forward-thinking products that are many years ahead of their time. With a healthy dose of skepticism, I starting testing a new 12.9-inch iPad Pro right after Christmas to see if it could help make work more productive and efficient. Could I use a stylus with a tablet after all these years working on paper and a nontouch screen laptop? The $1,500 cost (when you include all the accessories) was not the primary issue; the main question was would it save us any time working with our teams internally and also customers? After a few weeks of daily testing, I can honestly say the answer is a resounding yes. While I have used tablets for many years, this is the first tablet that has near the capability of a laptop and, in many cases, can do things my laptop can’t.

On-/Off-site Portability
Working on-site many times doing event set-up and being able to pull up a to-do or materials list, proposal, or job notes is a huge plus. Being able to shoot a picture of each finalized installation and store it with the job is an excellent way for the entire team to see what is going on in the field in real time.
Sales and Presentation Tool
Working with a bride and being able to quickly and easily show the bridal party all options online digitally is a very professional way to do business. If you are still using a cheap seven-inch tablet for this, get rid of it. The graphics, colors and speed on the new iPad Pro tablets are mind-blowing compared to showing things on a cheaper Android tablet.
I won’t deny there was an adjustment period letting go of my paper notepad and also using this new type of tablet as an alternative to a traditional laptop. Even a 10 percent improvement in efficiency per year far outweighs the cost of the technology in these cases.
So for those sitting on the fence thinking this is just a shiny new toy to surf the internet on (yes, it does that fabulously also), this is one of the most profound business tools we have used in a long time at our office. We highly suggest it as a tool that can give your team a productivity improvement and a competitive advantage for the price.