Nothing screams spring quite like a floral print. Whether it’s a blouse bursting with big, bold blooms or a skirt sprouting sprigs of pastel petals, these lush prints have a timeless appeal. And lucky for you, they’re completely in season. There are as many ways to wear florals as there are varieties in your grandmother’s garden. Psychedelic flower-power prints inspired by ’70s-era fashion are huge for spring, according to fashion site Who What Wear. Though often considered feminine, floral prints are also trending in menswear, and not just for loud Hawaiian shirts either. In fact, there’s a particular floral hoodie by designer Louis Vuitton that famous athletes can’t get enough of, according to GQ. Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. and retired Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia wore the sweatshirt to the same Super Bowl afterparty. In the promotional and corporate apparel realm, florals are cropping up in headwear and outerwear, in particular. “Floral prints can create a fresh and appealing look for any outfit, especially when done on outerwear,” says Tracy Lehnen, vice president of marketing at Top 40 supplier Charles River Apparel (asi/44620). “They inspire creativity and give a youthful look and feel to your wardrobe.” Charles River Apparel offers a floral print New Englander rain jacket (5194) and a version with flower-printed lining (5197). Traditionally, specialty and boutique markets have gravitated toward florals, Lehnen says, but the prints are also becoming more mainstream, and a floral print “can be a great gift or showstopper for brands who want to make a statement.” Mega Cap offers many hat styles with floral prints, including this cap (7655H) with a floral brim and this wide-brimmed ladies’ bucket hat (6535). Michael Nakajima, a sales executive for Mega Cap (asi/70434), recommends targeting the beverage market, since floral designs pair well with […]