Tropical Flower Arrangement

Tropical Flower Arrangement

To learn more, enroll in Basic Floral Design Online: https://www.floraldesigninstitute.com/new-basic-floral-design-online.html You will love this exploration of tropical flowers as Leanne creates a lavish arrangement with flowers from Green Point Nurseries. A ceramic container filled with floral foam and reinforced with chicken wire and waterproof tape to accommodate the heavier stems is the base for a beautiful collection of heliconia, oncidium orchids, anthurium, fern curls, beehive ginger, monstera leaves, fishtail fern, bamboo, Ti leaves and rafus palm. The finished arrangement is a spectacular tropical flower design. Enjoy! Sign up for our free weekly email for additional floral design demonstrations: https://www.floraldesigninstitute.com/newsletter-signup.html

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