A luscious mélange of ‘Princess Aiko’ and ‘Princess Miyuki’ Japanese Garden Roses, from Alexandra Farms, come together in a contemporary classic bridal bouquet featuring flat cane and beautiful textural adornments.

Step 1

Loop flat cane into a circle, and staple. Create additional swirling circles, stapling each to attach to itself. Repeat with multiple pieces of flat cane until you have the desired amount, and attach them all together to create an armature through which to arrange the flowers.

Step 2

Form a handle for the flat-cane armature by taping four 18-gauge wires with stem wrap. Attach the wires to the armature at various points. Bind them together below the armature with stem wrap.

Step 3

Prep the fresh materials by removing foliage and thorns from the stems. Using the sprial hand-tying method, arrange stems Viburnum and garden roses into the armature first, followed by Ranunculus and Hypericum.

Step 4

Place Japanese maple stems into small water tubes. Wrap taped wire around the water tubes, near the tops, and twist to secure. Add the water- tubed Japanese maple stems into the bouquet. Add Helleborus foliage around the base of the bouquet, as a collar. Secure all the stems with a binding of paper-covered wire, followed by wrappings of stem wrap. Cover the binding point with No. 9 double-faced satin ribbon to create a comfortable and attracting grip. Trim the stems to equal lengths.