“Innovative breeding is part of our DNA, and as such our breeding teams are constantly working not only to improve existing varieties but also to bring to the market exiting new flowers” says Carmen Marquez, Marketing Manager at Ball SB. And now, they are introducing a unique pink color Hybrid Limonium Altaic type: “Silver Pink.”

This wonderful new variety has been inspired from its Mediterranean origin, a place where the pink mist comes in from the sea, a wave of inspiration that wraps everything in its haze, shaping a comforting landscape where a mix of taste, fragrance, color and sensations, give way timeless memories. It is here where nature dresses in pink and where our strong and elegant beautiful Limonium Silver Pink rises with its subtle flowers and its pastel pink look…evoking love, tenderness and compassion.

This amazing perennial variety once harvested will have weekly constant production for 2 years! It is already available for sales.