Jennifer is the founder of Into The Wild Florist, which usually specialises in bespoke floral arrangements for weddings, workshops, and events – all of which have been cancelled (Picture: Into The Wild Florist) How has your working life changed due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Our series Where I Work is taking a look at the working spaces of people who are getting stuff done from their homes in lockdown.

Today we’re chatting with Jennifer, a florist, designer, and the founder of Into The Wild Florist .

Jennifer usually specialises in bespoke floral arrangements for weddings , workshops, and events – all of which have been cancelled or postponed due to the pandemic.

She’s adjusted by now delivering bouquets to doorsteps around Clapham and Brixton, doing it all on her bike as a one-woman operation.

Here’s how (and where) she’s working in lockdown.

Hey, Jennifer! How has coronavirus changed the way you work?

Usually, as a wedding florist, I would either work from home or at the venue. Now that weddings aren’t happening, I’m 100% working from home! Jennifer is now working from her flat in Clapham (Picture: Into The Wild Florist) Talk us through your working-from-home space

I have a foldaway 6ft table – that’s all I need really with the exception of good scissors, paper, string and ribbon. I’m working towards the dream of owning my own studio someday!

I set up and create my workspace before the flowers arrive so I can work on them straight away and have enough space. So I will often move furniture around to make space work for me.

I try to make my workspace as soothing as possible. My work table is in front of the window so I can see dawn and the changing colours of the sky (and sunset on some days) listen to the birds and generally get to know the local wildlife which is mainly birds, cats and foxes. A fold-out desk helps to turn a small flat into a working space (Picture: Into The Wild Florist) How have you found working from home? Have you come up against any challenges?

It’s great not having to travel, but in a small flat in Clapham, space is always an issue and I do tend to expand sometimes into the communal hallway (I am friendly with my neighbours).

Carrying heavy boxes of flowers up two flights of stairs at 3 am can also be quite challenging especially when you’re still half asleep in your pyjamas. What’s a working day in lockdown like? The flower delivery arrives typically between 2am – 5am, I either stay up or start working depending on the time and how many orders I have that week.I will always start my day no later than 5am, with help from my good friend, coffee.I will start to strip the foliage and condition the flowers whilst admiring the sunrises and the birds waking up.I then start to arrange the flowers and write the handwritten notes to all my clients. This will go on until about 4pm. […]