Yes it’s true: Netflix’s new reality competition show The Big Flower Fight is a direct descendant of The Great British Baking Show , but instead of baked goods, it’s about flowers. Are the giant floral sculptures made by the ten teams of designers a little ridiculous? Sure. That’s the fun part.

If it’s time to cleanse your TV palate with something that’s joyful and low stakes, if you’re looking for a show that will soothe your weary soul, you’ve found it. Come, marvel at the insane floral and plant sculptures people dream up and then create with their hands in less than a day! Come, stare at pretty plants for eight episodes! Come, be moved to tears by a three-foot orangutan made out of grass! It’s easy to forget how much you need a good-natured show to feed your soul every once and awhile, so here are 14 moments from The Big Flower Fight that serve as reminders that we can, and should, have nice things sometimes. When Vic Reeves says, “We built a gigantic dome in the English countryside and equipped it with gardening and floristry tools.”

The delight that comes upon hearing co-host Vic Reeves introduce The Big Flower Fight with that sentence cannot be overstated. What a legitimately insane sequence of words. And yet … when you see that big-ass dome out in the actual English countryside, it brings with it an overwhelming sense of peace. It is a beautiful, vibrant, safe space where imaginations can run wild, away from the madness of the real world. Honestly, why aren’t we building more domes in more countrysides? The first time Natasia Demetriou exclaims that “the nursery is open!” and the contestants go hog wild for flowers

The joy over the sheer variety of floral options available! The frustration they share when there’s not enough of what they need because someone else has taken it! How wonderful to see people so excited and passionate about something. “Will I ever love anything as much as some of these people love plants?” I asked myself as a single tear rolled down my cheek and fell onto the sweatpants I had been wearing for three days straight. When Henck argues with the judges because he wants his sphinx-moth sculpture to be ugly

Best friends and event florists Henck and Yan are true stars from the get-go, but it’s cemented the moment head judge Kristen Griffith-VanderYacht tells Henck and Yan that he wants their moth to be beautiful and Henck flat-out says no, because moths aren’t beautiful. Yan has to tell him that it might not be the best strategy to go against the judges’ wishes. “It’s my first competition, love,” Henck replies in a moment so pure I have rewatched it several times. This man doesn’t care about conventional beauty or floral design reality competition strategies, he cares about his art! The moth they make ends up being gorgeous, of course, but may this moment cleanse your soul […]