Indoor Vine Decor

4 Ways to Incorporate Indoor Vines Artistically

May 26, 2021 | creativity and education

Vines spark the imagination. On exterior walls, they can turn a home into a fairy castle or a school into a fancy institution. Indoors, they are no less alluring. These four indoor vine ideas will have you looking at shelves and furniture as potential strongholds for new plants.

1.) Indoor Wall Lattice

Lattices have never looked so modern! To keep things simple, you can purchase a pre-made wood or metal lattice, or (like this rendition) create your own custom version. These hanging geometric wire frames give added dimension to the creeping vine.

As for the plant? That’s easy. Philodendrons grow well indoors and come in a variety of leaf shapes and colors. Simply place the pot close to the trellis and continually weave the tendrils as they grow. Gorgeous!

Indoor Wall Lattice

2.) Corner Height

Adding some height in the corner of the room is a must for many interior design schemes. A tall element can add a lot of balance in a room. Most often, this is achieved with a tall floor lamp.

But a lengthy plant in the corner of a room is a whole lot more interesting. Give a well-established climber something to attach itself to (like rope or twine) and watch as it transforms the room. You’ll want this to be a showstopper, so be sure to choose a plant who will perform best in the level of lighting provided by that particular corner.

Corner Height Vine

3.) Framed and Arranged

Framed vines are a very creative way to decorate your walls. Especially when paired with other art, these framed living plants give off a very eclectic-chic vibe.

Box shelves like these are becoming an increasingly popular way to showcase cute trinkets or natural collectibles like feathers and shells. Take the trend a step further by filling them with your favorite potted vine.

If the plant starts to get a little bit long, you can trim it or wrap around a nearby element, like a small statue on a bookshelf or a standing lamp.

Framed and Arranged

4.) Draped and Intertwined

The best thing about the draped look is that it is fully customizable. Here, small potted plants are packing a big design punch by stretching all the way across a humongous wall to help fill up space. If there’s an empty wall in your house that’s been driving you crazy, this indoor vine idea could be the cure-all.

Indoor Wall Lattice

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