How to make arrangements from the market By Muffie Vardell Wells Photography by Jeff Amberg / Styled for photography by Muffie Vardell Wells A perfectly magnificent mound of roses in a classic rose bowl is supported by glass balls that secure the stems in the base of the vase. Placing the roses in front of a mirror adds depth and dimension to the display. Flowers are a beautiful universal language — carefully chosen, planted, grown, nurtured, cut, transported, shared, and loved. Creating a floral arrangement from local market flowers is actually one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add instant beauty into your home or to show love to someone else, especially when your own garden is not in bloom. Flower arrangements brighten a space, add a pop of color, infuse personality, and inspire artistry. Purchasing a few sleeves of flowers is worth the splurge, so dive in and give it a try! If you are new at selecting flowers from a local supermarket, let flowers speak to you by spending a few minutes soaking in the various colors and textures to determine which ones appeal. Flowers have a mystery, and people gravitate toward different blossoms in the same way that artists prepare to create their palette. A wide mouthed wine bucket holds five bunches of glorious sunflowers. To build your arrangement, place the flowers one at a time around the rim of the vase in a spiraling fashion until you reach the top of the mound. Flowers courtesy of Trader Joe’s. Market flowers are generally showcased together in buckets, where you can easily handpick the best of a variety. Learning when a store receives fresh flower shipments is helpful. If purchasing flowers for a special occasion or event, ask the store’s floral manager to hold particular […]