As a fourth-generation florist, Hannah Tiffin has a deep appreciation and passion for working with flowers – whether it’s making bouquet arrangements, pressing and drying flowers, or even painting them on canvas. Growing up as the daughter of a Naval man and amidst a family of successful entrepreneurs, the Midland native has lived elsewhere and explored other careers. However, she eventually decided to carry out what she calls her legacy as a florist here locally. “It’s in my blood; It’s what I’m supposed to be doing; It’s what I’ve always done,” she said. “Even as a little girl, I used to play florist.” Last year in January, Tiffin opened Hannah’s Flowers on Grove Street, offering floral services for weddings, events and daily occasions. Her client-base quickly grew. Less than a year later, she moved her shop to 1531 Washington St., in the Midland Towne Center plaza. The new location allows for much more room to work and store flower arrangements, which her growing client-base now requires. Tiffin said expanding her one-year-old business has been scary, yet exciting. “It’s almost like when things are too great and you don’t want to mess them up … it’s like that,” she said. “It’s kind of surreal and I’m cautious, but there’s another part of me that’s screaming and going, ‘yay!’ like I won the lottery.” She said she never expected to be so successful so quickly, as she’s used to “the struggle” entrepreneurs know well. “Opening this last year, I was sure ready for the struggle, I guess, that I knew. And when I didn’t have that struggle and I just went straight to what I see as a success, that’s a whole other ball of wax – a whole other set of skills that was needed because I’m used to just […]