Metro Creative Fredi Stangland Lights up? Bows made? Sheets are changed to snowflake flannels? The tree is up and decorated? Are the holiday plants bought and in place? Holiday plants are the finishing touch for any decor and really make all your Christmas decorations look put together. If you don’t have any yet, now is the time to purchase them. Plants are available in grocery stores, gas stations, box stores and our ever trusty florists can fix you up, as well as deliver to you, or deliver to a friend and family as a gift. Florists are worth every penny in their knowledge, service and decorating expertise. Their products are high quality and will last longer than purchases made elsewhere. If you have never tried a florist before, try one for yourself and see first hand. Christmas cacti are simply stunning. They come in white, pink, red, fuschia and coral. The bright buds that bloom to several inches in length, contrast highly with the dark green segmented foliage. I purchased a medium plastic pot and it was chock full of buds. The plant was not one big plant, but four smaller plants potted together. After blooming, I will be able to separate them and plant them in individual pots. It is important not to let your Christmas cactus dry out, but not to let it set in water either, as it will rot. A rich blend of potting soil and probably one to two times a week watering will be adequate. A bright window is needed for the sun. Legend tells of a Brazilian child who lived in the jungles and prayed for a long time for a sign of Christmas. On Christmas morning he woke to find the glorious blooms of the Christmas cactus all around him. A […]